QueenAnt & Pro V2 has been updated

QueenAnt Pro V2 has been updated!

1. Add extra 4080 C Beam Rail instead of 2040V slot on Back,the two C beam Rails all filled with 4040V slot.

2. On Back,add extra linear rail,2 linear blocks and 12mm gantry plate,then attach Middle 12mm gantry plate to connect front and Back plate of X axis, Greatly Balances the weight of the entire Z axis loaded on the x axis front plate.

3. On the Dual X axis C Beam Rails,can put Dual Drag chains,not only increase the wiring space, But also signal wires and control wires and spindle wires can be separated to minimize interference.

4. On Bottom of Dual X Axis C Beam Rails,we use 4080 Joining plates to connect 2 Rails.

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