5075-1515 Black Silver QueenAnt PRO V2 1610 Ball Screw CNC Full kit Linear Rail upgraded precise CNC router Engraving machine from WorkBee QueenBee


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Super X&Z Strengthed-3 Linear Rails on X Axis

16mm Big Diamater Precis Ball Screw

12mm Super Thicker  Aluminum Plate Set

Dual linear Rails and double Blocks on each axis

Inductive Sensors to replace mechanical Limit switchs

Dual Spindle Mounts

XYZ Probe

Stable Controller Combo & Control Box

Best High Speed Spindle Combo



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QueenAnt PRO V2, Large 16mm Diameter Precise Ball Screw CNC Machine – Full Kit

The QueenAnt(PRO) is an industrial grade CNC with ultra high precision ball screws and full track linear rail upgrades, based on our very well-received and trusted WorkBee CNC and QueenBee CNC machines. The QueenAnt (PRO) has been 100% exclusively researched, designed and developed by engineers at YuYong Industry. Our R&D department listened to our community members’ requests for a high-precision and professional grade CNC machine.   The combination of YuYong Industry technology and experience, multi party feedback, testing and improvements taking a full year, has led to the birth of the QueenAnt (PRO).  Our 16mm ball screw precision, linear rail design, enhanced structural rigidity and other improvements, has truly raised the QueenAnt (PRO) to industrial, professional grade status.

Our range of options, offered in a range of sizes, but all based on the same professional grade design, the QueenAnt(PRO) will impress artisans –  cutting, carving and engraving all manner of materials including wood, pcb engraving, plastics, aluminum and brass amongst others. Create beautiful intricate 3D carvings, inlays, furniture, signs, plaques, amazing works of art and so much more. All can be achieved with the QueenAnt (PRO) !

As a solid workhorse, with a multitude of applications from DIY’ers and artists to industrial production, the success of the QueenAnt (PRO), we feel, is assured.

Compatible Material for Cutting/Milling/Engraving:

Aluminium / Hard Wood / Soft Wood / Oak / Plexi Glass / Delrin / HDPE / Foam…..

This Full Kit Includes:
  • QueenAnt PRO CNC V2 Mechanical Kit
  • 1610 Big Diamater Precise Ball Screws
  • 4 x Close-Loop 3.6N.m Stepper Motors with Close-Loop Drivers
  • OFF-LINE or DSP or Mach3 or CNC USB Controller Bundle
  • 1.5kW/2.2kW Air Cooled or Water Cooled Spindle Bundle
  •  Cable Drag Chain Bundle
  •  ​Wiring Cable Kit
  •  ​XYZ Touch Probe
  •  ​Drill Bits
  •  ​All Extrusions are M5 Tapped as where it is necessary

Please note:

MDF Table and Power Cord are Not included with this kit.

  • We do not provide technical support for software debugging.

  • Any Mains power connections must be installed by a Licensed electrician or suitability qualified person

  • Do not turn the screw nut out, otherwise the steel ball inside will break away from the raceway and cannot be installed again.

  • Please lubricate the guide rail and ball screw regularly to ensure lubrication.

  • Machine assembly may require different sizes and types of tools.

Specs of Close-Loop Stepper 

Motors and Close-Loop Drivers:

Drive characteristics:


Type: DSP Closed loop stepper drive

Maximum peak current:  5A

Impulse response frequency:  200KHz

Micro-stepping driver: 2-256ppr

Voltage: DC16-80V

Protective function: Over voltage, over current, tracking error, over proof

Signal input  Compatible:5-24V signal (Don’t need a resistor)

Control Way:  32 bit DSP Vector Closed Loop

Advantage: No step to lose, Low noise, little vibration and high efficiency, low heat

Specs of 1.5 kW Air/Water Cooled Spindle:

  • 1.5kW Air Cooled Spindle Net weight: 2.6kg
  • 1.5kW Air Cooled Spindle Spec: φ 65 x 188mm
  • 1.5kW Water Cooled Spindle Net weight: 3.5KW
  • 1.5kW Water Cooled Spindle Spec: φ 65 x 210mm
  • Power: 1.5 kW
  • Voltage: 220 ~250 V or 110 V
  • Frequency: 400 Hz
  • Speed: 8000-24000 R/min
  • Air/Water Cooling
  • Run-out off: less than 0.005 mm
  • Grease Lubrication
  • VFD Inverter 1.5 kW 220 V or 110 V
  • Collet: ER11(15pcs)
  • Sizes:1mm,1.5mm,2mm,2.5mm,3mm,1/8″,3.5mm,4mm,4.5mm,5mm,5.5mm,6mm,1/4″,6.5mm,7mm

Specs of 2.2 kW Air/Water Cooled Spindle:

  • Net weight: 5.3kg/6.2kg
  • Spindle Spec:φ 80 x 210mm/φ 80 x 235mm
  • Power: 2.2 kW
  • Voltage: 220 ~250 V or 110 V
  • Frequency: 400 Hz
  • Speed: 0-24000 R/min
  • Water Cooling
  • Run-out off: less than 0.005 mm
  • Grease Lubrication
  • VFD Inverter 2.2KW 110V or 220V
  • Collet: ER20(28pcs)
  • Sizes: 1mm, 1.5mm,2mm, 2.5mm,1/8″,3mm,3.5mm, 4mm, 4.5mm,5mm,5.5mm, 6mm, 1/4″, 6.5mm,7mm, 7.5mm,8mm, 8.5mm,9mm, 9.5mm,10mm,10.5mm, 11mm, 11.5mm,12mm,12.5mm,1/2″, 13mm

Cable Chain Add-On Pack

The Cable Drag Chain system is installed to protect the wiring of

the CNC Machine. Due to the moving axis on the machine a

dynamic cable protection system is required.

Our Cable Drag Chains have each individual link able to be opened up, this is an incredibly useful feature the smaller drag chains do not have. Drag chains can be shortened or lengthened by simply removing or joining links of the chain.

The V2 uses a unique Dual Drag Chain Design to make sure there has enough space for wiring routing,also avoid some interferences after wire separation.

Controller Systems Option
  • OFF-LINE Own Control System(We Recommend)

The DDCSV3.1 is a powerful Off-line Controller with Own control system,can update to new system at fixed period,It gets rid of the limitation that the controller needs to be connected to the PC, due to no need to use USB cables and software,it Avoid frequent disconnection when using USB cable to connect controller to PC.

For Details:

  • DSP A11 CNC Control System(Recommend)

The RichAuto control system is based on DSP, and the high-speed computing processing speed is a single-chip microcomputer.
Proposed; embedded structure, high degree of integration, strong stability, easy to install and operate; support U disk, card reader mobile Storage, using USB interface communication, fast transfer speed, plug and play fully realize full offline work.

For Details:

  • Mk4-V Mach3 Control Combo(Recommend)

The MK4-V is a 5th generation latest mach3 controller, the output frequency is up to 2000HZ, supports differential signal and spindle feedback output, has strong anti-interference ability and stability, supports win all system.

For Details:

  • UC300-Mach3 Control Combo

The UC300 is a upgrade of NVUM,it overcome many shortcomings of NVUM,Super stable and Interference,it use Mach3 software,which is professional choice on CNC machine due to many Power Features.

For Details:

  • CNC USB Control Combo

The CNC USB Controller use CNC-USB software,with Industrial Standard Design,Using professional-level control software, it is suitable for: digital control milling machine, CNC engraving machine, CNC plasma, laser cutting, foam cutting, four-axis CNC, laser engraving, CNC dispensing machine, CNC dispensing machine, CNC SMT placement machine.

For Details:

Control System Box Option
We Provide professional Control Box Service,which can wiring and put into one box, this is very helpful for new or professional person to save more time and avoid damaging to electronic components due to incorrect wiring!
The control system box is never a simple matter of wiring the components together, It’s a complete solution!
When put the parts together,Customers will always encounter a series of situations such as signal interference, poor contact, sudden stop working, poor processing, etc. In serious cases, all components will be directly burned due to wrong wiring.
YUYONG INDUSTRY TEAM always focus on professonal wiring and tests with many years’ electronic knowledge.Therefore, we will use a series of professional electronic components to eliminate signal interference and improve system stability!
  • High Quality Power Filter

By adding filters at the mains incoming line, not only prevents the electromagnetic interference of the power grid from entering the power line, but also prevents the interference on the power line from entering the equipment.

It also reduces the disturbance voltage of the equipment to the power grid, improves the immunity of the product, and blocks the influence of the unclean power supply of the power grid on the equipment clean power.

  • Anti-interference High Power Magnetic Ring

Among all the electronic interferences,Inverter and Spindle interference is the most serious interference. It can cause the controller to lose communication instantly and the equipment to stop working.

So add the magnetic Ring on output wires of VFD,It allows normal and useful signals to pass through, and at the same time has strong suppression and resistance to high-frequency interference signals generated by other electronic accessories, improving the stability of signal transmission.

  • AC Contactors & Relay

AC contactors are widely used as power breaking and control circuits.It uses the main contact to open and close the circuit, and uses the auxiliary contact to execute the control command, so that the circuit can be easily controlled through the switch on the device without frequently plugging and unplugging the power cord.

The function of the relay is mainly used to control the circuit. The relay can realize the function of using one control signal to control another or several signals, and complete the control of start, stop, linkage, etc. The main control object is the contactor to realize the weak voltage to strong voltage through it.

  • All use Aviation plug

In order to ensure that all external equipment can be in good contact, the control box adopts welded aviation plugs, which further improves the connection of equipment.

YUYONG 4.0 Industrial Age

  • Full inspection and test for each small item before shipment to make sure 100% Quality!
  • 100% Exchange and Return Service fully free for non-human damages!
  • Professional online After-Sales Support!
  • Up to 1.5 years long warranty!

The WorkBee is a popular and well-designed CNC machine, it use V Wheel system to assembly X Y Z Axis to roll,If you have ever assembled a machine, you will know how frustrating it is to adjust the wheel to the same force balance.And Also,the wheel system only bear one direction force.When you put heavy spindle on Z Axis or Load on X Axis,the Wheels are not enough to support the weight,uneven force caused flex of X And Z Axis long term.

YUYONG INDUSTRY is committed to overcoming shortcomings and providing integrated solutions,Taller and thickened Plates with upgraded Linear Rails increased rigidity of the linear rails to make the machine more stable,at same time reduce the flex of X And Z axis,this allow the machine to support more heavier parts and bigger size.

On the other hand,the QueenBee ULTRA make a smooth and precise surface when milling soft metals such as aluminum or other materials via it’s stability,greatly reduce the hedging during V Wheel Working.This provides more possibilities for increasing speed and high feed.

So there may a necessary to upgrade your machine.

There are many upgrade system can be used on CNC machines, such as Rod Linear Motion,Gear System,Linear Rail Guide system and other system.But after many testing and comparing,Linear Rail Guides are considered to be the most comprehensive system with its own structural characteristics.

Linear guides are generally used in linear reciprocating motion applications, and have higher load characteristics than linear bearings, bear a certain torque coefficient, and can achieve high-precision linear motion under high load conditions.

It is a kind of rolling guide, in which the steel ball rolls infinitely between the slider and the guide rail, so that the load platform can easily move along the guide rail with high precision and linear motion, and the friction coefficient is reduced to 50% of the usual traditional sliding guide, can easily achieve high positioning accuracy. The design of the terminal unit between the slider and the guide rail makes the linear guide rail bear the load in all directions, such as up, down, left, and right at the same time. The patented recirculation system and simplified structural design make the linear guide more smooth and low-noise movement.



  • Low noise during high-speed operation

  • New guide rail wear resistance

  • High precision and easy to disassemble

  • Simple assembly and universal accessories

  • Low cost and good efficiency

  • Its excellent characteristics have been widely used on industry, medical, science, defence, mining, construction, transportation.

The WorkBee,Lead CNC,QueenBee CNC and other machines all use T8 Lead Screws,it has low transmission efficiency,easy to wear,Long-term use will reduce the accuracy and affect the quality of the processed parts,so Community members have been pursuing a high-precision ball screw machine.So Here is it.

The ball screw drive system is a rolling screw drive system using balls as the rolling medium. According to the transmission form, it is divided into two types: converting rotary motion into linear motion; converting linear motion into rotary motion. The ball screw has the following advantages:

1. Smooth movement

The ball screw drive system is a point contact rolling motion, with low frictional resistance, high sensitivity, no chattering when starting, and no crawling at low speeds, so it can precisely control the microfeed.

2. High transmission efficiency

The transmission efficiency of the ball screw drive system is as high as 90%~98%, which is 2~4 times that of the traditional sliding screw system. For example, it can get a larger thrust with a smaller torque, and it can also be converted from linear motion to rotation. Movement (movement is reversible).

3. High precision

The ball screw drive system has a small temperature rise during movement, and can be pre-tightened to eliminate axial clearance and pre-stretch the screw to compensate for thermal elongation, so higher positioning accuracy and repeat positioning accuracy can be obtained.

4. Good synchronization

Due to the smooth movement, sensitive response, no blockage, and no slippage, the same ball screw drive system is used to simultaneously drive the same components or devices, and a good synchronization effect can be obtained.

5. High durability

The rolling contact parts of the steel balls are all hardened (HRC58~63) and precision ground. The cycle system process is purely rolling.

6. High reliability

Compared with other transmission machinery and hydraulic transmission, the failure rate of the ball screw transmission system is very low, and the maintenance of the ball screw is relatively simple. Only general lubrication and dust prevention are required. In special occasions, it can work without lubrication.

7. No backlash and high rigidity

The ball screw drive system adopts the Gothic arch groove shape to make the steel ball and groove reach the best contact for easy operation. If the proper pre-tightening force is added to eliminate the axial gap, the ball can have better rigidity, reduce the elastic deformation between the ball screw and the screw, and achieve higher precision.

  • 16mm Big Diamater Precise Ball Screw

16mm Big Diamater Precise Ball ScrewIf you have experienced whipping and wobbling issues with 8mm or thin diamater lead screws on workbee and other machines, you will know how important a large diameter ball screw can be for machines with long travel.

Thin Ball screw can result in reduced straightness and insufficient concentricity, resulting in distorted motion, which in turn results in a loss of accuracy.

The large diameter of 16mm not only avoids whipping and shaking, but also solves the problem of sagging caused by the slender screw,Further improve the running accuracy, working accuracy, repeatability and positioning accuracy of the machine!Especially for long travel machines such as 1500mm and longer.

  • Best Match for Torque&Load&Motor

According to YUYONG Tech Dept‘s testing,the motor type is nothing to do Ball screw Diamater! If the torque is enough, it will support any big diamater Ball Screw! The Ball Screw Diamater is nothing to do with Accuracy!

According to Principles of Physics:


T:Drive Torque N.m

P: Ball Screw Lead m

I:Ball screw drive efficiency,generally 90-94%

Hypothetical conditions:Horizontal load 100kg, 1610 Ball Screw,friction coefficient μ=0.1,then the drive torque T=0.01x100x0.9/6.28=1.43NM. Generally take 1.5 times the driving torque,then it’s 2.2N.M, no matter stepper motors 2.45N.m or Close Loop Motors 3.6N.m, all can meet the needs. That means With sufficient torque,the ball screw diamater never affect Torque,There is no such thing as a so called which diamater ball screw is best for Nema23 motors!

16mm is the most commonly used ball screw machine, even the smallest machines such as 3040, 6090 are using 16mm instead of 12mm! So for long Travel Machine such as 1500mm or longer,16mm is best option! Below 16mm is just for DIY machines,This is one of the reasons why the queenant can be used as a quasi-industrial machine!

  • Super Enhanced X & Z V2

Customers have been suffering from Flexing of the X-axis for a long time when working with 2.2KW or heavier spindles.And this is obvious when the spindle is working on harder materials and longer X-axis of machines.The torsional force of the spindle causes the X-axis to twist and cause displacement of the workpiece, resulting in a loss of accuracy.

The V1 has been avoids flexing as much as possible by filling 2040V-slot into 4080 C Beam Rails and add support on Back.

The YUYONG INDUSTRY team redesigned the entire X-axis, added a strong 4080 C-Beam on the back, and flipped the original X-axis 4080. Through the extrusion of two 4080, a 4040 gap was formed inside, which was filled with 4040. This results in a super-strength 8080 X-axis.Twist resistance has been improved by more than 4 times after many test and compares!

  • X&Z Balance Force

In previous CNC machines, the whole Z axis with spindle attach to X plate,this causes the X-axis to only be stressed on one side, and when a 2.2KW or heavier spindle is attached, it may cause vibrations when the spindle is working, which will also cause loss of accuracy and flexing of the X-axis.

By attaching extra linear rail to back, and use a thick plate connect front and back plate,It not only balances the force on one side, but also greatly improves the verticality of the X axis. When the Z axis is attached, it also avoids the vibration of the spindle during operation and the shaking after a long time.

  • 16mm Big Diamater Precise Ball Screw

All Axis use Big Diamater Ultra High Precise G7 Grade 16mm Grinding Ball Screw,One upgrade in place for your machine,It is not recommended to use a smaller diameter Ball Screw, otherwise you may need to upgrade your machine twice or more and pay more cost.The large diameter ball screw allows your machine to support a maximum length of 4 meters!
  • 2 Linear Rails and 4 Linear Blocks on Each Axis

On Each Axis,we adopt Dual Linear Rails and 4 Linear Blocks to Keep the Gantry Plate balanced and upright.This greatly avoids the vibration of the ball screw and the displacement of the gantry plate caused by unbalance during work.

At the same time bears the weight from the X-axis more evenly, so that the X-axis and the Y&A-axis are connected more solid and seamless!

Please don’t be deceived by some company’s advertisement, No matter QueenBee or other machines, they all use 2 linear rails+4 Blocks.

Our QueenAnt machine each axis all use 2 rails+4 Blocks, Especially the Y and A aixs, they load entire X axis and Z axis, much higher loads than the X-axis,but the X axis has been used 2 rails+4 Blocks, Y and Axis should use 2 rails+4 Blocks more!

Please always believe that the double rails have better load capacity, balance, stability and anti-vibration than the single rail.

  • Best Imported Metal Bearings

All bearing holes use precise Imported Metal SKF bearings for high-speed operation,with Pre-assembled bearing and plate integration,This maximizes rotation accuracy,Can bear radial and axial loads at the same time,The dynamic and static load capacity is greatly improved,Less friction torque and noise.
These advantages make it far superior to the traditional fixed on the plate a common bearing seat!
  • 12mm Super Flat Aluminum Plate Set

The luxurious Flat aluminum plate set up to 12mm thickness enhances the stability, rigidity and mechanical performance of the whole machine again!
High Quality Heavy Metal Spacers Blocks attached to 4 Linear Blocks on each Axis,This ensures the vertical and balance of the aluminum plate.Leave space for the ball screw, 0 anti-backlash deviation ensures the accuracy of the ball screw!
  • Longer and Strength Z Axis

Use Longer 340mm Z Axis Length to replace original 250mm,also use stronger HGR15 Linear Rail and Blocks to replace original smaller MGN15 Rails and Blocks.Greatly increases strength and stability!
  • Filled 2040V-slot in the gap of 4080

In the gap of C-Beam Rails on Y&A axis,all filled 2040V-slot to make C-Beam a real 4080,Avoid any twisting on Y and A axis.

  • Brand new bottom support for Y&A axis

With the new in-line bottom design allows all Y and A axes to be supported, which avoids twisting in the Y&A direction, and the movement is more linear and smoother!

  • Precise sensitive Inductive Sensors

Non-touch inductive switch instead of mechanical limit switch,Higher sensitivity and sensing distance improve the repeatability of the machine!
  • Precise 3.6N.m Close Loop Motos & Close Loop Drivers

The Closed-loop motors prevent lost steps by adding an encoder, further improving accuracy and speed.With the precise 1610 Ball screw, the speed can reach above 6000mm/min.

  • 36V Power Supply

After many tests and professional data analysis,also many customer’s feedback,36V is a best voltage which not only dissipate heat and prolong the life of the motor, but also maximize the torque of the motor!It’s time to make your machine become a beast!

  • Dual Spindle Mount Kit

Use Dual Spindle Mount Kits to keep the spindle vertical and ensure the stability of the spindle!

  • XYZ Touch Probe

The YUYONG INDUSTRY XYZ Touch Probe allows you to quickly identify and set your work zero in (X, Y, and Z-Axis) by running the probing features. Our Touch Probes boast a plug and play feature which allows you to freely connected and disconnect the probe when not in use.

  • 7 series 4 bearings Spindle

The spindle use 7 series Angular contact bearings, can bear radial and lateral loads at same time to make sure it’s high speed running and high rotation accuracy.


When upgrading your workbee machine to QueenAnt , you almost need to disassembly the whole mahine.
Lubricant for the bearings is applied when they are manufactured however routine maintenance and re-lubricating is recommended, especially in high dust applications such as MDF.
“V-Slot” and ” C-Beam” are registered trademarks of OpenBuilds LLC as released under the Creative Commons Licence “Attribution-ShareAlike”
All our components are designed to work and are fully compatible with the products produced by OpenBuilds.


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Additional information

Weight 78 kg
Dimensions 162 × 24 × 25 cm

Industrial Black, Sleek Silver

Machine Size

1500×1500, 1000×1500, 1000×1000, 750×1000, 750×750, 500×750


Offline DDCSV4.1 Control, Offline DDCSV3.1 Control, DSP-A11 Control, MK4-V Mach3 Control, Offline DDCSV4.1 Control Box, Offline DDCSV3.1 Control Box, DSP-A11 Control Box, MK4-V-Mach3 Control Box


1.5KW Air Cooled, 1.5KW Water Cooled, 2.2KW Air Cooled, 2.2KW Water Cooled


110V, 220V


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