C-Beam Gantry Plate – Double Wide




This C-Beam Double Wide Gantry Plate is designed to provide a stronger, more stable platform for your Builds.

The extra wide wheel stance and ability to add up to 8 Mini V Wheels ensures this plate will be strong enough for most applications.

Designed specifically to provide a much stronger Z Axis system but is modular enough to be used on any axis.

Flush, clean finish with wheels that ride on the internal V tracks of C-Beam.



Item Name:C-Beam Gantry Plate – Double Wide
Material: 6mm thick Aluminium
Dimensions: 155 mm( L) x 77.5 mm (W)
Colour: Brushed black anodised
Recessed screw pockets ensure flush mounts
Includes pre-tapped mounting holes for a clean 90 degree mounting solution
Adjustable end holes allow for creating a very accurate and reliable double Nut Block system
Centre recess allow for single nut block mounting
Up to 8 wheel mounting configuration for secure and precise rail lock in


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